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Ibis 941 Wide Carbon Wheels

We have the new 941 Ibis Wide Carbon Wheels!

Wider rims are better than narrow rims.

A wider rim delivers better sidewall support so in many cases you can run lower pressures in your rubber. Tires mounted on wider rims don’t burp as easily. Lower pressures, even a pound or two, do several beneficial things, including increasing the contact patch, which results in better traction. Running lower pressures on varied terrain actually reduces rolling resistance. Wider rims are stronger and stiffer. With increased traction comes increased braking control.

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RaceFace Narrow-Wide chainring1 By Drivetrain Conversion Upgrades

Narrow-Wide chainring from 30 tooth to 36 tooth

One-Up 42 tooth cassette sprockets

One-Up Shimano Cage conversions

Drop a pound and never shift a front derailleur again.


Component Upgrades

35mm and 50mm stems, 760mm - 800mm wide handlebars and Spike Flat pedals

Wide handlebars Short Stems Flat pedals

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