The Stray Dogs in Stray Dog Bicycles

The official stray dogs and meeters and greeters at the shop. Happy and friendly, they set the tone for the shop. Come say hi, Murphy and Baxter love people.

Stray Dog MurphyMurphy

Murphy is the original Stray Dog – found in a parking lot in Murphys, CA. We were looking for wine and found a little puppy. Two weeks later, the little black ball of fluff went chasing after a mountain biker and voila – Murphy became a bike dog. The first years of his life were spent in the mountains either chasing or leading us on mountain bike rides on the “Murphy Loop” in Tahoe, or the “Murphy Loop” at Granite Bay, or the “Murphy Loop” wherever we could manage it. Murphy’s other passions are water – from Lake Tahoe to the muddiest puddle at Granite Bay, he loves it – and his ball.  A perfect day for Murphy is running through the woods on a mountain bike ride followed by a long session of fetch in the lake. But then again – a day chasing squirrels is pretty fun too.

Stray Dog BaxterBaxter

Baxter is the second Stray Dog. As a little puppy he and his littermates got dumped on the mean streets of Rio Linda. Thankfully, he made his way to us. The moment he laid eyes on Murphy, Baxter knew he was in the right spot because Murphy was going to be his best friend. Proving that all dogs love bikes – Baxter took to the bike like a seasoned dog pro. We always know when Baxter’s itching to ride with us because he will excitedly point to the bikes hanging on their hooks in the garage – telling us to get a move on. In addition to bikes, Baxter enjoys chasing squirrels, climbing trees, rounding up Murphy, and getting loved up by everyone.